Telepresence and Feedback

R.BOT 100 allows you to see and hear everything around the robot in real time. People around the robot can hear and see you via the monitor on the front panel of the robot.


Ability to Move

By operating the robot through the Internet, you can move around the room just like if you were actually in it. The robot has two driving wheels and can easily overcome any small obstacles in its way.


Unlimited Monitoring Abilities

You can drive the robot to a series of locations for general monitoring or drive toward a specific object of interest for a detailed inspection.


Record Audio and Video

R.BOT 100 can stream live video through the Internet and record the video for future use.


Fast and Secure Access

Connecting to the robot doesn’t require any software installation or professional assistance. Using your personal computer you can connect and start using the robot right away.

Multiple Operators for One Robot

R.BOT’s technology allows several people to connect to one robot simultaneously. This works great for virtual tours in museums, art exhibitions, conferences, etc!

Operation of Multiple Robots

One operator can connect to multiple robots to provide live assistance at multiple locations using a minimum of employees. During rush hour, additional operators can immediately connect to that point to provide additional help where and when it is needed.

Operational Safety

R.BOT’s robots are certified to be safe and friendly to people. R.BOT’s robots always obey the Three Laws of Robotics.