What is R.BOT?
At R.BOT we create robots. The main function of our robots is to provide remote telepresence for an individual at a location where the person cannot physically be present.

The operator has the ability to see his surrounding environment through the robot. The operator is able to interact and communicate with others by controlling the robot’s wheels and head as well as being able to see with the camera and speak with a microphone.

Why a Robot?
One of the areas where R.BOT is frequently used is in the social sectors. Several schools in Moscow have installed robots to allow students with disabilities be able to access their teachers and curriculum: they are now able to be present in the classroom (through telepresence), participate in classroom discussions, and be active in their school’s social life. This not only allows them to keep pace academically with their classmates but also to be a member of their social environment.

Robots also work very well for those who want to use a novel approach to promote their services and products; when R.BOT is placed on the show floor you are sure to draw a crowd. Not only will R.BOT attract customers but it can also recognize their faces and remember their preferences.

Can I develop my own applications for my robot?
Yes! Synergy SWAN and Mime ship with a developer’s SDK to allow you to easily and quickly develop apps for Android or iOS.
What equipment is necessary to use an R.BOT robot?
The only equipment you need is a computer or mobile device to control your new robot! All robots come with all necessary equipment, this includes: the robot, the charging base, and a telepresence server.
How much does an R.Bot robot cost?
While many telepresence robots starting price is tens of thousands of dollars, we at R.BOT wanted to keep our robots as available as possible. Please, check out the price section on the menu to see the most up-to-day retail and wholesale prices.
What colors can I order R.Bot robots in?
We can paint your robot in any color you want as well as apply graphics such as a company logo. However, we do have a set of standard colors which you can mix-and-match for each section of your robots:

Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Silver.

Help! My dog/cat/child broke the robot and now nothing works, what do I do?
Call us at +1 (650) 394 7268 and we will help fix it over the phone, if necessary we may ask you to send the damaged part to us so we may replace it.

You can also reach us by email at: office@rbot.us