R.Bot 100


R.bot 100 is a groundbreaking technology for entrepreneurs who want to convey fresh ideas and innovations to their clients. Through R.BOT you will maximize the effects of your marketing, merchandising, and promotional campaigns to become a competitive forerunner in your market. Whether you are small startup or an internationally established brand our robots will ensure the undivided attention of your prospective clients.

R.BOT will be the turning point in the advertising industry for the 21st century, and the milestone to which others will compare themselves. With R.BOT you will add an innovative component to your corporate image that will make your company stand out from the crowd.





R.BOT’s robots are designed to provide the ultimate telepresence experience for its operator and audience who can be located anywhere in the world!

The operator can control the robot through the Internet, using a web-browser on any personal computer, laptop, netbook, tablet or even a smartphone.  Our simple and intuitive web-interface provides full control of the robot, no additional software is required.

The robot is equipped with cameras, microphones, speakers, a color touch-screen display as well as various sensors. With a typical battery charge life of over 8 hours, and recharging in only 3-5 hours, your robot will always be ready when you need it.


The robot is 105 cm (41 in) tall, with a base diameter of 55 cm (21 in). Due to its specific shape and construction parameters, the robot easily passes through doors and hallways but will not disturb any objects or people around it due to its handling turning by rotating around the central axis. The robot is also equipped with a camera that can stream live high-resolution video, a highly sensitive microphone, and stereo speakers. The “head” of the robot has unique rotation abilities with two degrees of freedom thanks to a unique, patented, 4-power-rotation mechanism. The robot can, optionally, be equipped with a touch screen display. This monitor can display presentations and promotional materials, or other photos and video files, as well as a “live” video from the operator’s web-camera.

The security of all of R.BOT’s robots is certified by ROSTEST.