Customization according to your needs:

Due to the ability to easily change the appearance of the R.BOT robot, you can create a specifically designed robot for any event you need, based on the standard R.BOT configuration. You can change the external appearance by adding your logo on the robot, changing colors of the panels, or you can add to the robot any additional equipment you need, to make the robot unique and noticeable anywhere you want to use it – in shopping centers, banks, airports, night clubs, anywhere else. We’ll give you ideas for your specific event,

To make your marketing campaign more efficient, we will provide you with a wide variety of options and modifications for the robot according to your needs and requirements. Any branding is possible. Using robot’s touch-screen your customers or guests can browse your company website, watch promotional videos, get an additional information or enjoy a presentation. Additional boxes can be mounted on the robot to distribute printing materials of your choice. We will help you make a choice.



    • Logos
    • Colors
    • Custom painting
    • Custom shape and design

    • Presentation, video, or a slide-show
    • Video from operator’s web-camera
    • Interactive information systems

    • Speech synthesizer
    • Play audio files
    • Speech modification

    • Costumes
    • Additional plastic parts
    • Modification of the parts